Welcome to Carnegie Hall!

Melbourne's best venue for live music of the

60s & the 70s.

Its the place to be if you love music of the 1960s and music of the 1970s where you can dance all night.

We rock on the 3rd Saturday of every month at 8pm at 60 Rosstown Rd Carnegie Vic. Australia


December 19th:


The Herberts




The Herberts

If you love to laugh.  If you love to dance.

If you love a band that plays all your favourite 60s

hit songs that get your body moving all night long and you can’t stop

dancing because it’s another great hit, then The Herberts are the band you must come and experience.

To get some idea of what you are in store for check out this clip www.youtube.com/watch?v=-djbAk4r9mA

Herbert: noun:   A dull, objectionable person. eg "He's a real herbert, he sits around and plays music all day."



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December 19th:

The Herberts


Email bookings@carnegiehall.com.au, text Kevin on 0418 395 343

or click HERE to book TODAY!






About Carnegie Hall:

Carnegie Hall operates once a month on the 3rd Saturday of each month.

The bands start rockin’ around 8.30pm and finish around midnight.

If you love live bands that play the great music of the 60's, 70s & 80s that you can sing-along,

dance or just tap your feet to, whether it's rock, pop, rythm & blues, soul or great funky music,

then Carnegie Hall is for you!

Entrance is $25 for non members and $20 for members.

Membership is $10.

This entitles you to a $5 drink card when you sign up and a $5 discount every time you visit us.

Memberships are for a calendar year and expire each year on December 31st.

Carnegie Hall is located in the Abel Tasman Dutch Club at 60 Rosstown Rd, Carnegie, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.




Here's what to expect:

Carnegie Hall is a small licensed club that hold about 200 people.

We have tables to sit at or you can just stand at the bar.

Tables can be arranged for as little as 2 people or for as many people as you’d like.

To guarantee a table it’s best to book, or just turn up on the night.

We have a fantastic dance floor, and people love to dance all night.

It's a friendly, intimate place with a bar that serves drinks at very reasonable prices.

We don’t serve food but you are welcome to bring food in with you.




To guarantee a seat it's best to book by clicking on the link (just to your right) or phone Kevin on 0418 395 343 .
You can book from as little as 1 to as many as you want.
Or just turn up on the night - but unless you book,we can't guarantee you a seat!

Please note that you may be required to share a table with others.

To enable more seats there may be many chairs around a table.

Carnegie hall is great for celebrating special occasions.

You can celebrate your birthday, anniversary, reunion, Christmas or just catch up with friends!

We have a singles table where single men and single women can meet.

To go on the singles table either book on line and tell us you want to go on the singles table or call or text

Kevin on 0418 395 343.

Carnegie Hall is a great place for couples and groups who want to get together for a fun night and listen to fantastic live bands.

Call Kevin on 0418 395 343 for any questions you have.